Private office space, meeting rooms, and coworking in Kochi



Centre-A is a world-class business centre located in the heart of Kochi’s central business district, M.G. Road. We provide fully managed private office spaces, coworking spaces, meeting rooms and virtual office solutions.


Why Centre A ?

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360° Services

Forget about the miscellaneous and focus on your core competencies. Centre A provides you with a host of services so that you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

Centre A kochi,Kochi Centre A,Office space for rent kochi,Business Addres kochi,Co-Working space kochi

Cost Advantage

With zero capital investment, you can now set up a spanking new office. We have customised, and scalable plans to help you plan your operations with less resistance.

Centre A kochi,Kochi Centre A,Office space for rent kochi,Business Addres kochi,Co-Working space kochi


To create a community that focuses on growth and betterment is the underlying fundamental of our workspaces. Work, connect and network with like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts at our workspaces.

Centre A kochi,Kochi Centre A,Office space for rent kochi,Business Addres kochi,Co-Working space kochi

The Address

Centrally located and just a minutes walk from the MG Road metro station, Centre-A is one of the finest business address in Kerala.


  • Harish

    Joe has been offering really valuable services to us -being one of the initial clients of Centre A.We are so happy and thankful for many flexible arrangements and service from the entire Centre A team.

    Mr. Harish Kumar
    CR Mantra Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Mr. Sankar

    A lovely co-working space. Neat, shipshape interiors and a fabulous roof top cafeteria with a lot of occasional fun activities. Trained and dedicated support staff for any assistance. Thanks, Joe, for your concept with a lot of novelty.

    Mr. Sankar
    Usha International Ltd
  • Dr. Vishnu S

    Everyday, from the moment I enter Centre-A, I am greeted by friendly and accommodating staff members who make me feel instantly at home.   Read More ... The positive and inclusive atmosphere created by the office community is truly remarkable. In comparison to other Roche Pharma locations, your office space stands out as a shining example of best practices in fire and safety management. The emphasis on maintaining a secure and protected environment instills a sense of confidence and peace of mind among all those who work within the space. Joe's team, under his leadership, consistently strives to provide the best professional experience. Their commitment to ensuring a seamless and efficient work environment is evident in their daily efforts. They are responsive, proactive, and attentive to every detail, ensuring that any concerns or issues are promptly addressed.
    In addition to all this, I appreciate the effort you put into organizing engaging activities for occupants. The range of events and initiatives you offer not only encourages interaction and collaboration but also promotes personal and professional growth, there is always something exciting happening in the office. I highly recommend your office space to anyone seeking a safe, welcoming and vibrant work environment. The combination of a positive atmosphere and engaging activities creates a truly enriching experience for all of us at Roche-Kerala.

    Dr. Vishnu S
    Roche Products India Pvt Ltd
  • ajithantony

    “An excellent co-working space in the heart of Cochin and near to the metro station.   Read More ... The team led by Mr. Joe Alapatt ensures that the hospitality and service are always top notch. Great classy infrastructure with premium business amenities is what differentiate Centre-A, from any other Co-working choices in Cochin. Kudos to the support team who are always on their toes to ensure that we are at the right place."

    Ajith Antony
  • vineethmenon

    “First of all Joe, I would congratulate you on your concept and an absolute winning business model which is going great guns for you and all of us.   Read More ... From just one client to floors of clients on premium spaces would not have turned into reality without your always evident passion, dedication and constant efforts for improvising, setting and maintaining standards, most of all inspiring many aspiring minds. Centre A has been nothing less than a second home for all. All I have to say on being your very first client is that your team has done a great job in making excellent work environments for all of us to bring in the best of our capabilities”. Not to miss on humility, humble nature and forever smiling faces of you and your team which remains and always will as a cherry on the cake."

    Vineeth Menon.K
  • testimonial

    “As a German subsidiary, we are happy that Centre A has been able to provide us quality workspace which is at par to our global office locations”.

    Farhat Sarbagyshov
    EQS Web Technlogies
  • testimonial

    “From day one, we have not been disappointed. Centre-A team has helped us every step of the way throughout our move and continue to do so. Read More ... There are no hidden charges, no difficult to understand statements, just simplicity which enables us to spend more time working and less time worrying about the office costs and maintenance. I recommend Centre-A for providing us with a professional, safe and modern environment without any fuss. Thank you.”

    Ranju Francis
  • testimonial

    “After looking at lots of serviced offices in the city, Centre A stood out as the most professional one, with some of the best facilities and great location.    Read More ... We moved into Centre A at the beginning of 2015 and are loving it. It’s a luxury space that is a perfect fit and gives us exactly what we need. The service received from the start has been exceptional. Joe and his team have helped us every step of the way throughout our move and continue to do so. The centre offers a high standard of facilities with world-class meeting rooms, 24/7 access, security, unlimited internet access to name a few and the staff are always helpful and pleasant to deal with and ready to assist with any problems. Their IT support is quick to attend to any issues, efficient and just a phone call away. We are so happy to have expanded our business and moved into a bigger office in the centre. What has kept us here for these years is unbeatable service. I would highly recommend Centre A to anyone looking for a professional and flexible office environment. Once again, sincere thanks to Joe and his team, for providing a peaceful office atmosphere.”

    Unnikrishnan ES
  • testimonial

    “When we set up Valustat’s office here two years ago, Centre A gave us the compelling reason to stay back in Kochi rather than relocating to Bangalore! Every service request is attended to almost instantly. Read More ... Joe’s team easily manages to match the service standards we had come to expect in our previous workspaces in Hong Kong etc. We had originally intended to stay for 6 to 8 months. It's been more than two years, we are still here, and very happy with our relationship with Centre A!”

    Deepak Arackal
  • testimonial

    “Centre-A is uniquely designed & built to International specs and is situated in the most sought-after address in Cochin.   Read More ... Joe and his team @ Centre-A meet and exceeds my expectations concerned with providing a professional work environment for my Team as well as creating the perfect ambience that always impressed my international & domestic clients.”

    Nihaj Mohammad
    American Heart Association
  • testimonial

    “Centre A provides an excellent atmosphere for work and is a one-stop solution for the facility needs of any corporate,    Read More ... zero stress regarding usual challenges in facility management which is usually a nightmare for HR / Admin folks like me.”

    Neeraj C M
  • testimonial

    “When I decided to return from Germany to my country and start a business, I was sure that it has to be in Kochi, but the big question was where in Kochi?    Read More ... I was looking for something where I have enough space, easy to reach and has the best infrastructure where I can concentrate 100% on my work and have no other headache. It was so hard to get everything under one roof until I came to know about Centre A. Centre A made everything as easy as pie for me and in last 3 years my company grow to a team of 10 I can tell without doubt that Centre A team has contributed a significant part in our success.”

    Anoop Kumar
  • testimonial

    “Centre A (Alapatt Group) has provided with excellent services for the past three years. The commuter-friendly location of the business centre and facilities provided are on par. We are glad to be associated with them.”

    Sudeep Kumar
    Infini Solutions
  • testimonial

    “I have been a client with Mr Joe Alapatt and has tenanted his office space at Centre A for about three years now. Read More ... I am happy to say that the services and convenience of business that the Office allows and delivers to its customers is unmatched and genuinely makes the conduct of our business very convenient. I am delighted with the regular upkeep and cleaning of the office spaces as well, along with the competent staff available round the clock. I am very thankful to Joe, and the entire Alapatt family for the services that they provide at their commercial spaces that have given me the adequate opportunity and east to expand and grow my business. I look forward to a long and healthy mutual relationship with Alapatt and Centre A.”

    Nayantara Sanyal
    Altacit Global
  • testimonial

    “Centre A is a clean, functional and business-like office space in Kochi for professional companies. We love the energy here, the kind of vibe we feel in sophisticated workspaces in big metros. Read More ... GreenPepper's serviced office space is well-maintained by the facility team and is quite accessible and helpful. Overall, the people are friendly and welcoming making it an encouraging workspace. We also learn a lot from and make friends with other great companies who operate from the space.”

    Krishna Kumar
    Green Pepper
  • testimonial

    “Joe is a thorough professional in all that he brings to the table. He has been an amazing client, very prompt in all responses, and a man of his word. Karetakers.in look forward to working with him and Centre A again.”




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